Emergency & Business Continuity Planning

At Meridian Risk Management (UK) Ltd, we appreciate that not every risk can practically be mitigated 100%. Therefore we work with our clients to develop response plans and procedures in the event that the worst case scenario occurs.

Utilising the Business Continuity Planning model, as detailed in ISO 22301, we assist clients in analysing and assessing the risks posed to their organisation, whether that is from a Natural or Man-made Hazards, criminal activity including Insider Threats, through to the impact from Supply Chain failure. We are then able to identify the requirements to protect their organisational assets and ongoing business operation.

By considering a holistic approach to Risk Management, an integrated solution can be developed to build resilience within an Organisation to ensure it reacts effectively and efficiently in a crisis situation to protect its assets, minimise the impact and return to Business as Usual, as soon as possible. Meridian Risk Management can guide our clients through the planning stages of their Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery plans as well as assisting in the implementation, rehearsal and review of those plans to ensure they are suitable and fit for the organisation’s requirements.

As part of the total solution, we can assist in developing Training Programs for key Incident Management Team personnel or awareness programs for the staff, utilising the fundamental message advocated by HMG & CPNI.

By sharing best practice and experience from helping other organisations achieve their ISO 22301 accreditation, we are able to support businesses through the process and, via our key business relationships, are able to introduce latest technology and thinking to a company’s Emergency Management and Business Continuity Plans.