Property Management Companies

Meridian Risk Management’s consultants have been involved with several of the UK’s largest Property Management companies, whose clientele range from pure domestic, residential properties, to mixed Live/Work buildings, through to corporate offices for multi-tenants client bases.

The security risks that they face are varied, from Anti-Social Behaviour and petty crime through to protest action against specific tenants, however by applying a dynamic risk assessment to identify the threats to the clients (& tenants), Meridian Risk Management’s consultants are able to identify the key vulnerabilities to a property and its tenants, recommend both immediate and longer-term solutions, to contain the immediate threat and then mitigate it down to a level that is acceptable to all stakeholders.

Often these security solutions require a retro-fitted system which wasn’t initially installed during the development phase, but often there are simple changes to the way a site operates that can dramatically change the security culture of a building and so deter criminality. Our consultants recognise that these simple changes have a far more cost effective impact on the security of a site which benefits both the Property Management Company and their tenants.

However, where there is a requirement for new systems to be implemented, we will work with those clients to achieve the most risk commensurate solution available, as well as supporting their tenant engagement program in relation to security matters and advice.

For Property Management companies of corporate office space, we offer a number of extra services including policy writing and reviews of Emergency Evacuation Plans, Lock-down & Invacuation Procedures. Additionally, through our business partners, we can offer training on Incident Management and assistance in developing a Business Continuity Plan, including the use of Mass Notification systems, allowing two-way communication between staff / tenants and the Organisation’s management in the event of a critical incident. These areas of support Meridian Risk Management can offer clients aid greatly in their organisation achieving their ISO 22301 accreditation.