Property Development Companies

Our consultants at Meridian Risk Management have worked alongside some of the premier Property Development Companies in the UK assisting them in reviewing and designing their security systems, to ensure their properties offer their clients the best in security protection for their residential or commercial properties.

Development of properties, either from an existing structure or as a new-build location, offer the chance for security solutions to be designed into the architecture of the building, meaning that the security systems and processes can be implemented during the build / refurbishment phase and their operational functionality maximised whilst minimising cost.

Utilising the principles of Crime Prevention Through Environmental Design (CPTED) our consultants are able to advise, design and oversee the delivery of systems that support the core security principles underlying CPTED, namely;

  • Natural Surveillance – including designs for perimeters structures, lighting and CCTV where required to ensure intruders are easily observed.
  • Natural Access Control – specifying the barriers, gates and access control systems required to designate public and private space, thereby deterring potential criminals.
  • Territorial Reinforcement – advice on the use of fences, security signage, CCTV and lighting to create a sense of ownership with the occupants.

Throughout this consultation and design implementation, our consultants consider the use of integrated security functions and systems, as well as procedures, to achieve the key principles of security design – to Deter, Detect, Delay & Disrupt potential criminal activity and protect our clients’ (& their occupants/tenants) assets against, loss, damage or harm.